My wife and I were shopping at a grocery store that shall remain nameless (but it is the kind of place you have to be very nicely dressed when you are shopping there).  And it was mobbed. We were trying to navigate the aisles when this store employee pushes past us, grumbing quite loudly, “There are too many ^#$%! people in this store!” I look down at his tag, and under his name it reads, “CUSTOMER SVC MGR”

What do you do when the Customer Service Manager is telling off customers? I loved it! Pure poetry, right there in the grocery store.

The whole incident made me think of what my friend Adam used to call “the poor customer service theory of value.” It’s the counterintuitive idea that poor customer service generates a perception of value. You basically say to yourself, “Hey, if they are treating me this bad, I must be getting a great deal!”