As far as Santa goes, he’s way too commercial for my tastes. I’ll have no part of Santa. I never mention him at all to my kids, and I refuse to say that presents are from Santa. Instead, I talk to my kids about Santo (pronounced SANT-oh). I tell them that Santo delivers the presents and that Santo is watching from the North Pole with his elves to see whether they’re naughty or nice and we leave cookies out for Santo (my girls even made a “Cookies for Santo” plate especially for him). Santo is like Santa only he’s not as commercial, and he wears a blue suit instead of a red suit. And when my kids ask where Santo comes from, I answer like this:

Persecution forced early Christians to hide underground, where Christian parents would bring presents for their children, because they sometimes took poorly to the subterranean excursions, especially when it was cold, and the parents would say that the presents were dropped in from above.

Therefore, all the little Christian children believe in Santo.

And that is The Legend of Santo.