I usually enjoy seeing children bear testimonies, with or without parental help.

LDS children seem to learn early on in the church that they are welcome, that they belong to the congregation, that they are expected to attend meetings and that they have rights to participate.  One of these rights is to come up in front of the congregation during testimony meeting.  It’s often very interesting and refreshing to see children figuring this out.

I think we’ve all seen this many times.  A child will indicate that he/she wants to bear a testimony.  The parent accompanies the child to the stand.  Once the child is there in front of the microphone, he/she loses courage or confidence and becomes too shy to speak.  The parent then shares a testimony and takes the child back to their seats.

I still like it when this happens because I think the child being brought to the stand is a step in building that child’s confidence to speak in front of people and to speak about gospel principles.  I also suspect there is a parent-child symbiosis where the prayer/testimony of the child encourages the prayer/testimony of the parent.