//flickr.com/photos/bebuck/2203417180/Campaign finance reform has been an attempt to legislatively eliminate greed from our public officials. We all know how well that has worked. Instead of trying to ban greed and graft, which has worked as well as repealing the law of gravity, or legislating the movement of tides, I propose we, the taxpayers, instead use it to our advantage.

Recently, as some of you know, our House of Representatives accepted a pay increase. I do not think any of us begrudges our hard-working elected officials certain perks and compensation, provided that we are getting our money’s worth. However, it appears that I am not the only one who thinks our Congress’ performance is subpar. Well, you get what you pay for. So how about we start paying for performance?

I propose we award each member of Congress a $3,000,000 bonus for every budget they pass which balances. This number should be adjusted in inverse proportion to the total taxation burden on individuals and corporations. While the 533 members of both of our houses means that this performance bonus would cost a cool $1.6 billion, that is far less than Congress has spent on those pork-laden earmarks of late. We will need to adjust this number to make sure we can outbid all the special interests who are also vying for our elected representatives’ votes.

But that’s just my idea. Do any of you have other metrics we could measure, and reward, our elected officials with?