I read yesterday that one of the first things Obama did was to order Guantamano closed, as well as other secret US prisons around the world. I applaud his decision. Surely, there are bad people in Guantamano. That’s not good enough for me. That’s bothered me since day one. Because those “bad” people can’t balance the possibility of innocents being held there illegally without any legal representation.

I suppose that in this war against terror, there must be POWs. I can’t believe that Bush suspended the Geneva Convention. We talked a lot on the blog about waterboarding and I was ambivalent because I knew the enemies’ idea of torture is so far above that pale that waterboarding is like shooting a squirt gun at somebody. But still…..it bothered me that we were doing that. I think we probably did a hell of a lot more than that in some cases.

We’ve heard that these actions saved lives. How many lives did they cost? As time has passed, as I’ve watched Bush, and especially, Cheney, I’m more disturbed at what came to pass after 9/11. I think the actions of the Bush administration simply gave credence to everything Bin Laden and others were telling the world about the US and made them feel justified in their holy war.

Last night I heard Laura Ingrahm, however you spell it, and a guest talking about how messed up Obama is and how it’s racial discrimination to give him a pass just because he’s black. I hear Rush Limbaugh’s bombastic poison taking apart every move Obama makes, I guess Sean Hannity’s somewhere in the middle.

I went to FOX after the first election between Gore and Bush, because I was disgusted with the Democrats, but I can barely stand to watch them anymore. They’re doing all the things they accused the Democrats all these years. I abhor that partisanship.

I don’t intend to give Obama a pass because he’s black any more than I’d give anybody else, but in his first day in office, he gets an A from me. I think it’s a good start. Maybe not for security, although that remains to be seen, or in all the other stuff, but in cleaning up some messes George Bush made and in opting for integrity and liberty over security.