I know a lot of Republicans have been disappointed with the emergence of a Democratic hegemony in Washington, so I thought I’d help cheer people up by turning to the panacea for Republican ailments: Ronald Reagan.

Obama might officially be our first black President, but the respect for Ronald Reagan in the African-American community is often overlooked. A few years ago, a friend of mine worked as a substitute teacher at an inner city high school. One class he worked in was doing a unit entitled, “Honoring the Legacy of Ronald Reagan.” The class was supposed to write short essays about Reagan. Here’s one of the essays he received:

Malcom J.

March 26, 2004

Ronald Reagan and I have been friends since I could remember. In 1980 he told me he was running for president. I was behind him all the way. He made the decision when he was governor of Cali. When he got the chance to run for president he ran against Jimmy Carter. When my homie win we just went out that night smokin and drinkin and grabbed our female and went to the hotel. Feb 1981: me and cuddie [Reagan] and his bodyguard was at the club. We was getting ready to get gone. We grab a couple honeys. We get outside the club–there was a man dressed all in black. We had whooped him last week. He came back with the heat. He shot double R in the shoulder, shot the bodyguard in the back. I got hit in the chest.

An essay by another student entitled “Ronald Reagan: A Thug’s Life” compared Ronald Reagan to the rapper 50 Cent. As a middle-aged black man living in Cleveland, I find these narratives both touching and compelling.

Please use this thread to share your own personal experiences with Ronald Reagan.