Are you modest right now?  I bet you are dressed modestly, but what does that mean?  Everything that needs to be covered is covered, right?  Of course our only scriptural reference to modesty is in Timothy 2:9 which indicates that people (alright Timothy calls out women, but I am sure he meant it in a universal women kind of way) need to dress in an uncostly way.  Although I think many Mormons link modesty exclusively to coverage, defining modesty as not calling attention to oneself seems more useful.  It covers everything: sure, don’t dress skimpily, but also don’t boast, and perhaps hardest to do but certainly the most literally condemned in scriptures is don’t spend too much money on yourself.

So I ask again: are you modest?  Frankly, I don’t think I know that many people, and certainly not that many Mormons, who dress lavishly.  Maybe I am just not paying attention, but I think we do OK on our clothes (correct me if I’m wrong).  But what about other consumed goods?  Do we buy modest houses?  I would guess some do.  I think many people, though, buy the most house they can.  Some buy more than one.  Do you think housing should fall under the “be modest” ideal?  What about cars?  Again, I think most of us are guilty of buying more car than we need.  Whether it is a newer model or a luxery brand, or a bigger size than we actually need.  American Mormons (in general) may fail in car ownership.  Do I need to be modest in other purchases: store brand cereal over name brand?  Reliable but unimpressive vacuum cleaner?  Does this stuff matter?

I don’t know–looking forward to hearing what you think.