Whatever one may think of the Octuplet mom from California, I am amazed that people (ok sadly not surprised though) would have so much hate that they would issue death threats – see the Larry King interview with her ex-PR representative.

While one can disagree with her approach to having children or disagree with the numbers she has had, and even be frustrated that taxpayers are paying for it, that is hardly rationale or justification for death threats, especially to a new mother with 8 premies. I pulled in a little of the interview below which appalled me – makes you wonder who these people are or how stupid they are given their names are on caller ID and they put return addresses on death threat notes…

Killeen: Well, they’ve also threatened her. But the majority of the threats are coming to our office. I mean, Nadya doesn’t have an e-mail account. She doesn’t have a computer. So there’s no way to reach her. So the closest thing they can do is come after me. And they have — and just in painful, painful ways.

King: How would do you characterize the nature of the threats?

Killeen: Well, they’ve said to me that I should be put down like an old dog, I should be paralyzed, my client’s uterus should be ripped out, she should be put on an island. I mean, Larry, I don’t know what’s happened with America, but they are really, really angry and letting me know what they think about this issue.

King: Why do you think people are so angry — crazy enough, angry to threaten killing?

Killeen: Well, I think they are frustrated by a lot of things. When the news came out that Nadya was receiving some state disability from an injury and that she was trying to rehab and find a new career and go to school and she also had children at the same time, I think the taxpayers just absolutely flipped out and said, you know, we’re paying for this and we’re not getting our own fair share of government services. We pay a lot of taxes, the economy is bad, there’s no jobs. They’re angry.

King: If you’re getting threats, what do you imagine she’s getting?

Killeen: Well, and I’ve seen them, because, again, there’s no e- mail account. So they’re sending them to me. … People will call my office and just say profanity on the phone. And with caller ID, I know exactly who they are. Others have sent handwritten notes to me with horrible words that I never would repeat on the air, Larry. And they even put their return address on them so — as if I’m going to return that call.