We’re taught that during the Millennium, when Christ reigns directly over Earth, that mortals and resurrected beings will live on Earth together.

This poses some serious problems. Just to scratch the surface: Resurrected beings won’t require workmans comp, health insurance, or sick time. Plus, they can work longer hours and will never make errors due to fatigue. With competition like that, how will a mortal find a job? Adult resurrected beings will saturate the job market like an army of undocumented workers spilling over the border into our precious homeland of mortality.

When it comes to solving a problem like this, what would Jesus do?

Jesus could cater to the business lobbies’ interests, and allow businesses to hire whomever they want. But this would alienate the mortals, who will be relegated to the jobs that resurrected people don’t want to do.

Jesus could cater to the workers by making it illegal to discriminate against mortals. Perhaps He would even institute a quota system to ensure that the results were according to His wishes. This would alienate the employers. Furthermore, forcing employers to subsidize less productive workers would likely damage the economy.

Jesus could also put all of the mortals on welfare, supported by the wages of the adult resurrected beings. This would alienate the resurrected beings and possibly result in another war in Heaven. It would also alienate career-minded mortals, but only those who are ungrateful enough to turn down the gift and the hope offered by Christ.

Some people say, “The United Order will solve everything,” but they’re all wet. Collectivism only works in stagnant economic conditions with stagnant technology. Once the possibility of improving economic conditions or improving technology arise, capitalism becomes a much better way to eliminate poverty and provide a good standard of living. Perhaps the Millennium will be a 1,000 years of economic and technological stagnation, but that’s not any place I’d like to be.

And what do you do with all the resurrected children? There will be a hell of a lot of them. Will Christ enact child labor laws that allow them to work, and thereby make them a permanent drain on the economy? Or will His labor laws only apply to the mortal children? If so, won’t that violate the principle of equal treatment under the law?

All I can say is this: When it comes to ruling the world for 1,000 years, Jesus has His work cut out for Him.