Maybe you were thinking this was some deep analogy or historical treatise on the Priesthood keys. Nope, just a story about some lost car/house keys and the never ending search. I flew from Boston to Newark on Monday this past week. When I returned at around 11PM, I walked out to my car and I could not find my keys anywhere. I had to take a cab home that night. Luckily (I guess), I was flying out the next day to Washington DC so I could bring my wifes keys and retrieve the car.

Now the saga – I thought I could call the airport and check the lost & found. However it is not that easy. Here is a list of the lost and founds I have checked thus far:

1. Avis
2. Westin Hotel (where meeting was)
3. Newark Airport
4. Boston’s Logan Airport

You would think the airports had a single lost and found but that is not the case – At Boston’s Logan Airport, I have had to check the following lost & founds – airport, airport police, TSA, Continental, Delta, Continental Club. Similarly at Newark, there are multiple entities. So if you lose something at the airport, you may as well not go looking as you likely won’t find it (best guess is that my keys were eventually found on the plane somewhere in Des Moines Iowa and are sitting there at a lost & found). I guess there could be an analogy to lost Priesthood Keys, but, I am too tired to think about that.