“Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.” The 12 famous words uttered after nearly every home teaching visit. But are there limits to what we can expect from our home teachers? I received the following email last week from one of the families I home teach:

Sorry to contact you so late but it’s getting to be a bit desperate now. Thing is I’ve made an error of judgment. The downstairs toilet was already a bit blocked and I foolishly thought that a second dump would blow the first one through. Obviously I was wrong and now I find that plunging and buckets of water from on high have only mashed up the second load and have had no effect on the original blockage. As you can imagine its getting a bit heinous in there now and the only thing I can think of which will shift it is some poking with a wire coat hanger. To be honest I don’t think I can face it. I think I remember reading an article in the Ensign a while back where a member was in a similar predicament and he called his home teachers to come and sort things out (I think his daughter had a fever or something so it was a desperate situation too). So brother, can you let me know when you would be available to come and clean the sh#t out of my toilet?

Is this an unreasonable request? What are the most unusual requests you’ve received as a home or visiting teacher?