A friend of mine who has a PR calling told me this story.

Last year the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit rolled through our neck of the woods.  Their exhibition was flanked by some lectures about them from both Mormon and Jewish scholars; these lectures were done at a stake center, relying on volunteer ushers, of course.

After the exhibition, my friend called a local Rabbi who had been in attendance to interview him for an article she was writing about the event.  She inquired about his experience and was mortified to hear:

When I arrived for the lecture, I headed into the building–I had never been in a Mormon Church before, but it was easy to see we would be in the Chapel.  As I entered, I looked around to see if anyone I knew was there, concluded there was no one yet, and I started toward a seat near the back when an usher grabbed my arm and gestured toward the front of the room, saying, “We have a special section for Jews up front.”

How would you recover from that?

It sounds like the Rabbi took it in good humor, but he did want my friend to be aware of the incident, and, indeed, the PR committee has learned a valuable lesson about training volunteer ushers.