After all the hype and controversy leading up to the “very special” episode of “Big Love”, there has been a resounding, nay deafening silence in the aftermath. I don’t know if the show’s ratings were significantly higher than normal, but news and media converage pretty much vanished completely within 24 hours of the show being aired. And remarkably, the world hasn’t come to an end. In fact, as far as I know, no locust have descended upon the HBO offices in the Time-Warner Building in NYC or upon the Playtone offices, wherever they happen to be.

I think the take-away is not to hyperventilate or overreact. As Nibley famously wrote,

“Even though everyone may discover what goes on in the temple, and many have already revealed it, the important thing is that I do not reveal these things; they must remain sacred to me. I must preserve a zone of sanctity which cannot be violated whether or not anyone else in the room has the remotest idea what the situation really is. for all my covenants are between me and my Heavenly Father, all others being present only as witnesses. . . .No matter what happens, it will, then, always remain secret; only I know exactly the weight and force of the covenants I have made — I and the Lord with whom I have made them — unless I choose to reveal them. If I do not, then they are secret and sacred no matter what others may say or do. Anyone who would reveal these things has not understood them, and therefore that person has not given them away. You cannot reveal what you do not know!” — “Return to the Temple”, Temple and Cosmos (Deseret Book/FARMS, 1992), pp. 64-65

One thing I think we will have to adjust to is now that “Big Love” has broached this subject, I expect to see LDS temple robes and ceremonies appear in other shows and movies as well. The best reaction is to ignore it and move on.  ..bruce..