My wife and I just watched the new Documentary from Margaret Young and Darius Gray “Nobody Knows: The Untold Story of Black Mormons”. If you want to watch a wonderful documentary that is inspiring, moving, educational and builds your testimony, this is a great one!

One of the key pieces I appreciated was the interview with Dr. Cecil “Chip” Murray, retired pastor of the First AME Church of Los Angeles, which was founded by a former slave of Mormon pioneers, in which he tells of a meeting with President Hinckley in which President Hinckley apologized to him for what the Church had done to harm any African Americans. I thought it was one of the best moments in the film. This made me wonder whether a public apology over the pulpit is necessary by the Church? Does it matter at this point? To me, I would appreciate an apology by the Church as a parent of an African American – it would acknowledge that it may not have been a doctrinal issue but was, in fact, a policy that changed by revelation once we as members were ready for it to change. I really don’t see this ever happening, but it would be a nice gesture and help the Church move on past this issue. What do you think?