This is Michelangelo’s most famous Pieta:
Pieta with Mary
I cannot imagine what Mary, mother of Jesus, thought of as she sat with her dead son. This statue seems to capture a bewildered look. Was she thinking of him as a Savior? Perhaps she did not realize this was the end he knew he would meet, or just that it would come when it did, or just that it would feel like this. Or was this merely the reaction of a mother?

This is his last one:
Michelangelo carved this Pieta much later, and it is said he intended it for his own gravestone. He never finished the work. The figure behind Christ here is Joseph of Arimathea, with the two Marys pictured on either side. They seem to be valiantly pulling Christ up towards them while Christ cannot escape the clutch of death, pulling him down. I like the calm compassion on Joseph’s face–it seems so fatherly.

Which Pieta strikes you? If you go to google images, you’ll find many.