I know a ward that plans to celebrate this year by presenting each woman with a letter. I suppose the idea was to have kids write their mothers’ a letter of appreciation, which is a fine idea, but it really only pertains to about 1/3rd of the women in the ward. The single women, those who have not had children, those with older children, and those with children who do not come to Church are kind of left out. Never fear, a plan has been constructed to have other ward members write letters to those other women. What they will say that will be both Mother’s Day apropos and sensitive, I don’t know. I DO know that Elders Quorum last week was spent writing letters to women who would not receive them from their children. I am terrified for these women. As a teacher, I would have begun such a writing activity with a discussion about some of the issues and feelings some women might have about mothers day, and frankly, I would have presented a few good examples and bad ones, too.

Just for fun, I invite you to come up with some bad examples. Please post a nightmare of a Mother’s Day letter in the comments. Here is mine:

Dear Sister V,

It’s such a bummer you can’t have kids on earth, because I think you would be a rockin’ mom. I know when we are all dead you’ll get to raise the babies of some sinful woman, and you’ll do a great job then! Happy Mother’s Day!

Brother C.


Dear Sister K,

I am writing you today because I guess your kids won’t. Too bad they don’t come to Church with you anymore–they don’t know what they are missing. Well, I guess they do, since they used to come, but we need to allow everyone to make their own choices and you made yours and they will make theirs. I am sure you will be forgiven for all the ways you failed them, and maybe some day they will even come back to Church.

Brother T.

Now that you have posted a bad example, please consider writing a good example of a letter to your mom or a mothering figure in your life. I am sure they will appreciate it.