I was never a big country music fan until a couple of years ago. We started driving to New Hampshire occassionally to recreate and the only available radio stations were country. I started listening to it and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was no longer (for the most part) the twangy stuff I remember from my youth but was enjoyable to listen to. In addition, the words of the songs were actually meaningful and were about real life events (both good and bad). And I have actually found myself getting teary eyed occassionally due to some of the songs (a clear sign of aging). I must now admit that I listen to country 75% of the time or more now and have really moved away from my old standby of top 40. The other 25% of my time is now taken with oldies (still love Elvis or Def Leppard) and classical music. Perhaps I am getting old afterall… Any other country fans out there?