We just had our second multi-stake conference by satellite for the Northeastern US. Elder Eyring was the presiding authority. I appreciated a previous post on the issue by Gordon Smith. His question was “what was the point of the satellite stake conference?” I must admit the first one I went to was strange. It felt like General Conference but you were watching it occur in a very small room with just a couple of GAs there – it seemed a bit awkward.

This time, I found it interesting how every speaker tried very hard to link their past with the Northeast area to try to personalize it. The problem is that it is hard to be personable when you are virtual. So overall, while the talks were enjoyable, it felt a little bit too much like General Conference to me (which I do enjoy but very impersonable). I would prefer to just have regular stake conferences or regional conferences where we can see a GA in person.

Now for the link to the stock market. Elder Eyring gave a talk about prophets which was very nice and had a lot of personal anecdotes. He spoke abouth how God can help them see the future and he gave an example. He mentioned when he was in the Presiding Bishopric and the 12 were discussing the stock market. Several mentioned that it seemed like the market was due for a correction (or downturn) in the near future (it must have been in the late 1980s given Elder Benson, Elder Hinckley, Elder Hunter were all mentioned). The Church then moved all of their assets out of the stock market just in time for the downturn. Several things struck me about this story: first, if the GAs can predict the stock market, surely they could have warned all of us to get out of the market over the last year :) Second, I don’t see this as particularly faith promoting given the nature of the subject – it just seemed strange to me. Third, does God really care about the stock market and how much money the Church has?