Some time ago I witnessed a Sacrament Meeting Smackdown, but I am still not sure if it was intended as such or just an inadvertent stab.

In my unit was a fairly controversial conservative local radio talk-show host. He had been excommunicated from the Church at some point, but identifies himself as LDS and is basically the face of the Church to many of his listeners in my region. His wife thinks he is fantastic PR for the Church, but I could understand if many feel otherwise.

One day, we had a stake visitor. I don’t remember his calling exactly, but it was not the usual High Council or Stake Presidency kind of a person to visit and talk. In any case, he was the anchor speaker in the meeting. In the course of his talk, he made it clear that although he almost never listens to the radio, one day he turned on the radio in the car and was subjected to some bad talk radio. In fact, it was not only bad, it was downright sinful because the guy on the radio was pontificating at length on some topic of which he had no knowledge and was just downright wrong and was spreading incorrect information and ideas on the topic (I do not recall the topic, but he specifically mentioned it in the talk and illustrated some of the ways in which the radio show host was leading people astray). The speaker felt it showed a distinct lack of humility and wisdom.

As he spoke, the aforementioned radio talk show host just happened to be sitting in the front row, directly in front of the podium. I noticed that, and figured he was listening intently because it is not often that someone illustrates their Sacrament Meeting talk with a story of his profession. His wife later fumed to me that the speaker was denigrating her husband, but I just thought of it as akin to someone telling a lawyer joke–the lawyers I know don’t tend to take them very seriously. Even later that day, I heard some members of the unit ribbing the talk show host for being taken to task, and it was only then that I realized the speaker had been talking about a bit on this man’s show.

Do you think it possible that a man from the stake would knowingly use a story like that, aware that the man he is criticizing is in the audience (as were the man’s wife and children)? I find that hard to believe, but it seems like too much of a coincidence that he just happened to tell that story to us, considering the radio talk show hosts’ relative fame (or infamy).

What do you think? Coincidence or inconsiderate?