I’m still nervous about Barak Obama, I’d date him if we were both single, because I think he’s rather hot, but he makes me nervous. I’m so glad Romney spoke out about him selling us out and disclaiming the US to Europe. Geez, I’m not that rude. I get mad about stuff, but I wouldn’t go to the president of….is it Argentina, or Venezuala??….and shake his hand! It seemed rather weak to me; rather like an abused dog when they lay down and lift their leg.

But that’s another subject. I can’t believe the president spent all that money going on a date to New York. You know, when you become president, you give up some things. And in today’s world where GM is going bust and people are struggling to put food on the table and the president is telling us to tighten our belts, it’s just wrong for him to put $24,000 on the taxpayers so he can keep a promise to his wife. Geez. He’s rich enough, I’d take it if he wanted to pay the budget back for it, and not think so badly of him.

But there’s sort of a king complex about Obama, a sense of he’s entitled to stuff. The Clintons weren’t so blatant about it; of course, Bill Clinton didn’t seem to want to date his wife, but still….

I do not need Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity to tell me this should bug me. It just bugs me. What was he thinking?