Temple preparation classes do not sufficiently prepare members to go through the temple.

I recently attended the temple with a friend who was going through for the first time. She had taken a temple preparation class, but I was concerned about how she would react to the endowment session. I remember my first experience through the temple being weird, if not mildly shocking. I didn’t realize how oddly ritualistic the endowment ceremony would be, and I was completely unprepared for the green aprons. (This was in the days before the Internet, so I didn’t have access to the things available online today.) I tried to warn my friend that the first time through can be very weird, and I explained some of the things about the ceremony (within the respectful bounds of covenants, of course) in hopes of giving her a better idea of what to expect. Despite her ward temple preparation class and my addendum to it, she was pretty shocked and bothered by the experience.

Maybe there’s no way to completely prepare someone for what to expect their first time through. But it seems like there should be ways the church can improve on temple preparation classes to mitigate the negative experience many members have their first time. Any thoughts about your first time through the temple, or potential suggestions for improving temple preparation?