About a month ago, I thought my ward did Mother’s Day just right. They had some fine Sacrament Meeting speakers who spoke about mothers in a non-offensive way. At the end of the meeting they gave every woman a small bag of chocolates. Someone arranged for substitutes for all the women for the third hour so we could all go to Relief Society where we had a regularly scheduled lesson, not about mothers at all. Aside from the fact that some women hate RS, I thought it was a very nice day.

Today, Father’s Day, was acknowledged only by a “Happy Father’s Day” from the brother conducting Sacrament Meeting. Then, sans gift, we trooped through all our normal meetings, followed later in the day by a Court of Honor, Baptism, and Bishop Youth’s Discussion. I believe involved families to have been complicit in planning some of these events on this day, but no one would try it on Mother’s Day!

So, why the different treatment?