Bookslinger sent me the link to this post a woman wrote about her abortions (2). In heaven I’m going to have so much time to blog. Because now I’m busy and there’s so much good and interesting stuff out there that I’ve never heard of!

Here’s the link.

She had two abortions, one at the urging of her mother (Holy Moley!) and the other at the urging of friends who felt having a baby at the time was a bad career move. The first was a late term abortion; I’m beyond appalled about that one. That baby had to be killed to be aborted.

The way she writes about them is kind of cold and emotion-less, although she writes about screaming and feeling she killed her baby and she doesn’t really write about any anguish she may experience today

When I was 17, I lived in a small two bedroom house with other women. The number varied, depending on who need a place to live at the time. The oldest, a 22 year old waitress, we called Mom. She paid the rent, we just pitched in for food and paid our own bills otherwise. Men came and went and I guess it was pretty bohemian, but I lived simply and despite the circumstances, mostly virtuously. I worked and attended school–graduating from high school during that time.

Ginny was another matter. She was 14 years old and would sleep with any man, any time, any where. She had a bad reputation in town and was known to be the go to girl at parties, I assume boys lined up outside the bedroom door. I don’t know if Ginny had been molested; her mother had died when she was very young and she and her three sisters–I believe there was also a brother—lived with their father, who I recall as a creepy character, but quiet and dark, in the background. At least one of the sisters was also promiscuous and the last I heard, a very serious drug addict.

Ginny was pregnant when she came to live with us. “Mom” urged her to have the baby. I urged abortion. Because of my childhood, I firmly believed there were some children who should never have been born and I knew she was in no way capable of being a mother. Our leader, I cannot believe we thought she was mature at the time, kept urging her to keep and love her baby. We had loud and emotional arguments. I lost. Ginny had her baby. I can’t remember if it was a boy or girl, but of course, she didn’t keep the baby for long. The child ended up in the care of the state and I don’t know how things all turned out. Ginny’s life spiraled down hill, as did her sisters.

Now, of course, with the gospel in my life, I have a different perspective on life’s purpose and the preciousness of babies, of our children. I’m pro-choice, though. I believe it’s the woman’s right to choose. I believe the woman who wrote this blog piece made the wrong choices, but I’m not going to condemn her for it. That is between her and her God. I think there may be times that abortion is exactly what should take place in a woman’s life.

I hope my daughters never feel that desperate. As for Ginny, well, I still think she should have abortion was a reasonable step under the circumstances. If there had been a responsible adult around who could have guided her through adoption, yes, that would have been the answer, but in her case she had nothing and nobody. That baby never had a chance.

There are all kinds of opinions and themes in this post. Just go with what you feel and knock yourselves out.