One of the reasons I have heard Mormons use in justifying their stance against SSM has been that the children of SSM parents will have completely messed up sexuality (or become gay like their parents). I have wondered if there was any truth to that and asked the question – does the parental sexuality impact their sexual orientation? There was an article recently on CNN about this issue. In addition, the American Psychological Association summarized several research studies on the issue. The American Psychological Association cited studies showed that most kids of same-sex households describe themselves as heterosexual in roughly the same proportion as conventional families.

Please note that the APA also says that homosexuality is a normal expression of human sexuality so their research should be taken with a grain of salt. However, the APA does cite multiple peer reviewed studies that came up with the same answer – kids in same sex households are heterosexual in roughly the same percentage as kids in non-gay households.

The CNN article was fascinating in that it profiled children from the “gayby” boom as they called it. One child is a Republican activist who says he believes in family values, small government and his lesbian mothers’ right to marry. They cite a woman (O’Leary) who wrote a book citing how “messed up” the children of gay parents are likley to be. However, Miss O’Leary does not know any same sex parents or their children and has no data to support her supposition. But how many of these children are there? According to the US census in 2000 there were 165,000 households with gay parents. Certainly enough to get a good dataset from the children.

What this data tells me is that one of the reasons for witholding gay marriage is invalid and the data suggest that children of gay couples are as “normal” as anyone else.