There are some activities outside of Church (ok sometimes that is NOT peaceful) that just relax me and bring that sense of peace we all crave. First, those quiet snuggly times with the kids (or wife) when they are either sleepy or just waking up. Second, walking on the beach – I love the sound of the ocean and the breaking waves. Third, I love to make bread – it is so therapeutic to knead the dough and create a wonderful bread from nothing. Fourth, I love to mow the lawn. While it is a bit loud, there is something peaceful about mowing the lawn on a nice sunny day, smelling the fresh cut grass, and just having your thoughts all to yourself. Fifth, shoveling snow on those quiet winter days. This is probably the only time our neighborhood is quiet – just after the snowstorm when all is hushed and the only sound is the scrap of the shovel. What are yours?