I love this new frozen pizza. Besides that, I love the cheap ones–Totino’s, which I get for 88 cents sometimes. I can eat a whole cheese one of those, with milk. But the new Wolfgang Puck brand is really good pizza. I like the thin crust and the sauce and meat are both great.

I also love Klondike Heath bars and we’ve discovered the Drumsticks–the kind with the caramel inside. Yum!

Bill and I watched “God Grew Tired of Us” the other evening, it’s not his typical fare, but he really enjoyed it. I was entranced at the wonder—and sometimes dismay—of those young African men at the bounty that is America. We take so much for granted and I’m more grateful to be an American than words can say.

But, we truly are a consumer society. And in my tribute to consumer-ism, I thought I’d recommend this pizza to you and ask for your recommendations as well. Not only in food, but in other great stuff. So here’s my skeewampus list of good stuff:

Netflix! I love Netflix, that company truly gives bang for the buck. We’ve never had a problem with our bill, or our orders. The flexibility is wonderful and the movies come really fast. I’ll never go to a video store again. One thing I love is the choice it gives me in indie films and movies I might miss otherwise because I hate shopping and wandering around a video store on Friday night with a bunch of other people makes my brain shut off.

Taste of Home magazine: The recipes are easy to follow and routinely delicious. Lots of pictures so you know what it should look like.

and in that vein…Vanity Fair. Vanity Fair is a guilty pleasure, but I learn a lot from that magazine. There is a distinct liberal slant but I can see beyond that. I read a great article about Iraq on my birthday about three years ago and I’ve enjoyed the magazine ever since. It’s excessive as far as all the ads and expensive stuff and I enjoy the pictures.

Drudge: I read the Drudge Report every day. It’s the opposite of Vanity Fair and I figure the truth is somewhere in between.

Seriouslysoblessed & My Religious Blog: Both are just delightful. Seriouslysoblessed has to be seriously selling a lot of stuff, but hey, you know—that girl (?) is a genius. My Religious Blog reminds me of Jack Handey’s books “Deep Thoughts.” I laugh out loud and it’s hard to make me laugh out loud.

You guys have any skeewampus suggestions of good stuff? One thing I would love to know is the best frozen egg rolls and potstickers. I have yet to find a good frozen egg roll.