Ok – I decided to break up the Anne show as much as I have enjoyed it.

Recently I heard on NPV that the Merriam Webster Dictionary had added new words for 2009. It reminded me to check to see if any new Mormon words were added. Sadly, neither Bloggernacle nor Niblet have been added… Oh well, I guess we are not as important as we think :)

However, there were interesting words added (from my perspective) and those are shown below with the year they came into the language in parenthesis. It amazes me how dynamic our language is and how often new words are added.

Carbon footprint (1999): the negative impact that something (as a person or business) has on the environment; specifically: the amount of carbon emitted by something during a given period.

Earmark: a provision in Congressional legislation that allocates a specified amount of money for a specific project, program, or organization.

Shawarma (1953): a sandwich esp. of sliced lamb or chicken, vegetables, and often tahini wrapped in pita bread.

Staycation (2005): a vacation spent at home or nearby.

Vlog (2002): a blog that contains video material.

Waterboarding (2004): an interrogation technique in which water is forced into a detainee’s mouth and nose so as to induce the sensation of drowning.

Webisode (1996): an episode esp. of a TV show that may or may not have been telecast but can be viewed at a Web site.