Isn’t it discouraging how, after going to great lengths to instill certain values in your children, it is all undone by peer pressure in the worldly media — that’s right, the age-old myth that “everybody is doing it.” Verily, it is a sign of the times when such iniquity is portrayed as like unto righteousness. Behold:



Pee in the shower!

We want everyone to do it: men, women, children, Brazilian or not, nobles, commoners, musicians, athletes, people that are half man, half monster, supernatural beings, Brazilian myths, Greek myths, good people, not-so-good people, famous artists, famous scientists, trapeze artists, lovers, people from other planets, movie sensations!

So, if you pee, you’re invited!

One flush uses up to 12 liters of potable water.

That’s 4,380 liters in a year.

Pee in the shower!

Note also the insidious references to pagan belief systems, adultery, pride, murder, and unethical science. Yes, eat drink, and pee freely, for tomorrow we die.

And thus Satan leads your little ones with a flaxen cord from the toilet to the shower, from the shower to the bathtub, and, finally, from the bathtub… to the public swimming pool.

The end draweth near.