I always find that there are experiences in my life that test my ability to hold my tongue when stressed – In other words not let out any profanity. One of those experiences occurred last week. My son and I were in the grocery store picking up some groceries. He loves the Cambell’s canned hearty soups and picked up a can and set it in the cart. Unfortunately, he set it in the front part of the carriage where a baby would sit. The can slid out of there and fell and landed directly on my big toe (I was wearing flip flops at the time).

It has been quite awhile since I have felt that much pain – it was pretty impressive for one little toe. Amazingly enough, no profanity escaped my lips. In fact, I just said “ow” and held my breath as the pain coursed through my body. Anyway, after the pain subsided (after a long night), I thought about when I do use profanity (something I am not proud of). It does not occur when I am hurt or surprised, but when I am commuting or in a hurry. So basically when I am frustrated I will profane (usually only in my mind but occassionally verbally). Now I have diagnosed it, now to work on it. Any ideas?