Laura Bush, that is. I heard this morning that she is voicing her support for President Obama’s desire to deliver a beginning-of-school message to be aired in public schools this week. As you’re probably aware, this move on the President’s part has provoked quite a response from people concerned about public schools now becoming a site of political indoctrination (c’mon, folks–when hasn’t it been? I remember my elementary school teachers wearing black ribbons the week after a union proposal had been defeated). Amid the frenzy of advance and retreat in this little political skirmish, the former First Lady seems to be holding up the white flag of non-partisanship. As one who has taught high school and who’s willing to bet at least $3 that 75% of the students will be sleeping/talking/texting through the message anyway (poor President Obama–I think he overestimates his ability to influence the school-aged youth. Now if, say, Simon Cowell told them to study hard…), I’m grateful that someone is showing the good sense to deflate the situation a bit.

Happy Back-to-School, everyone!