Dan Brown's The Lost SymbolWhen KSL published this article a few years ago suggesting that Dan Brown had the LDS Church in its sights, a lot of people feared he would do to the Church what he did to the Catholic Church in his Angels and Demons and The DaVinci Code.

A prompt poster with the handle “neworder” over at Mormon Apologetics got a hold of an early copy of the book, and only found a couple of peripheral mentions of Mormonism in the book.

I got a hold of a copy of the book today and gave it a quick scan as well, and my impression is the same as neworder’s. From what I can tell the LDS Church does not play any significant role in the plot. The book is selling very briskly, and it’s been #1 at Amazon for weeks now.

Though this isn’t the place for a detailed review, I will just say that readers will find in this book another Robert Langdon thriller. Fans of Brown’s prior novels will find this one just as exciting of a page-turner. Those who found his prior efforts lacking will find nothing here to change their opinions. In short, it’s a fun and diverting read, but those expecting Moby Dick will be disappointed.

Still, to the public relations issue, should we Latter-day Saints breathe a sigh of relief that we escaped the attention of Dan Brown, or should we be offended that the author doesn’t consider Mormons capable of pulling off a grand and ancient conspiracy?