Sister T. has been sending me forwards for a while. Most of them I really wouldn’t choose to receive. OK, all of them. Let’s just say they really picked up when a black man started looking like a serious contender in the last political primary season. Today I got one that was a PowerPoint presentation; since it had “Jesus” in the title, I figured (hoped) it wasn’t political, so I looked at it.

It was…interesting. I wonder who took the time to put it together and how long it took. Clearly, it was a sincere effort intended to inspire devotion. Like all forwards, it urged the recipient to send it on. But it did it with this slide:

Picture 1

Wouldn’t this be a more effective pitch if it was not accompanied by such a picture so …gory? That is just one thing I would change in this presentation. Truthfully, the next one would be to delete it, but I am certain some people would be touched by it.

Do me a favor and examine the picture at the end of the show:

Picture 2

Is it just me or is the angel behind Jesus wearing sunglasses?