I am reading about Roman Polanski in the news and I’m trying to understand the stunned outraged reactions of some European figures.

They seem upset that he has been arrested.

They are upset because:

  • The crime (rape) was committed way back in 1978.
  • Roman Polanski is now 76 years old.
  • Roman Polanski is a great filmmaker – an ‘artist’.
  • Roman Polanski was arrested in a location (Switzerland) and time in which he was expected to receive a prestigious award for his artistic achievements.
  • Also, Roman Polanski owns a home in Switzerland!  He has owned a home there for a long time!  So why arrest him now!  Did we forget that the crime happened such a long time ago?!
  • Even the victim doesn’t seem to care any more(?)

How terribly inconvenient for him.  Really.

I can’t help but find myself choking on the original fact – that Roman Polanski used qualuudes and champagne to rape a thirteen year old girl and then fled from justice – fled from the country where he was being tried and resumed his successful career somewhere else.

Maybe being raped, at the age of thirteen, was just a little bit inconvenient for her?

I hope they extradite him and that he gets the court trial he escaped from so long ago.   Give the victim (whether she wants it or not) at least the opportunity to testify against him. If he is freed or sentenced after the appropriate legal process finally happens, then at least he would have been appropriate compelled to see this through.