We have been in the process of moving from one state to another due to a job change. It has been quite an experience. I thought it should be broken into a series of posts given there have been some interesting and challenging experiences in this move. The first big challenge was making the decision to change jobs.

My old job was very demanding – typical day was come home, eat dinner, put kids to bed, work until late at night with most weekends spent working many hours as well, not to mention 2-3 days a week of travel. This was the routine for a few years until my wife and I got sick of it. So shifting jobs for that reason was easy given the new job was a more traditional work week with a lot less travel (not to mention I was blessed to find something else in this economy). However, my wife also works and enjoys her job so we had to figure that out. Luckily, her work is letting her work remotely, so that helped. Finally, we were ready for a new adventure after 14 years in Boston and were excited for a more “rural” setting (read: no traffic, nicer people, etc.). So we did it – we said yes and started the wheels moving. You will notice I do not mention any spiritual promptings that led us to say yes. In my mind, finding the new job in this economy was enough of a spiritual prompting for me combined with the fact that my wife could keep her job. One cannot turn one’s back on those kind of blessings.