Moronihah and the Battle of Transgressive Pronunciation

I don’t like to get prescriptive with Book of Mormon name pronunciation. I want to say things the way I’ve always said them, especially when they differ from the official pronunciation guide.

Whenever my wife bristles at my version of Moronihah (that I say like Moroni + hah: Morónihah) or Pacumeni (Pack-oo-mén-knee), I just respond (merely to be obnoxious) that I have more linguistic authority over my pronunciation of Book of Mormon names than any committee. (Though, speaking of said committee, see here for an interesting history of the pronunciation guide.) I’m probably acting out issues of some kind. Oh well. I’m not going to stop.

Others have posted about the pronunciation guide before (huge shout out to Jonathan Green at Times & Seasons, and also Mark Brown at By Common Consent), but what I want, dear readers, is confession. Confess your phonetic heresies here. Let those committee-erected walls come a’tumblin’ down. Confess and be made to feel ridiculous / awesomely devil-may-care, as the case may be.

Good Hymns & Bad Hymns

I will admit to being a hymn snob, although I am a complete music novice, I only know how to play the piano with one hand. My hymn snobbery comes from being a lifetime member who is really comfortable with the traditional hymns of Mormonism. I love General Conference because of the music as I know that they usually sing the same 3-4 hymns every time and it is one of the few times during the year that I get to sing these hymns in a congregational setting. I guess it depends on the Chorister or Organist or whoever is the hymn picker, but we always seem to sing the new songs, most of which people don’t know and most of which I don’t care for (being the non-music expert). What are my top three?

1. We Thank Thee O God For A Prophet
2. How Firm A Foundation
3. High On The Mountain Top
3. Come, Come Ye Saints (Ok, I could not decide between these two)

My least favorite are some of the hymns that recent Church leaders wrote (I won’t name names), but the music and words are not particularly interesting or enjoyable to me. I also really don’t like the War Hymns like Onward Christian Soldiers and We Are All Enlisted – I feel silly singing about killing people during Church.

Call me a traditionalist… What are your favorite? What are your least favorite?

John Yettaw: Mormon Visionary, Activist, Uninvited Houseguest


Who saw this one coming? A middle-aged Mormon man from Missouri swims at midnight across a lake in Myanmar to warn world-famous Nobel Peace Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi of her imminent assassination, and winds up getting her sentenced to 18-months of house arrest, as well as seven years of hard labor for himself. Apparently Mr. John Yettaw, the midnight swimmer, had a dream, and he was simply following the dictates of that dream.

In fact he, in his own words, has had a number of “impressions” and “camcorder moments,” one of which compelled him to make an earlier attempt to see Aung San Suu Kyi, back in November 2008. On that earlier swim, the human rights activist immediately sent him away, though Yettaw was reportedly able to still leave behind a few pages from the Book of Mormon, before donning his pair of improvised flippers to make another long and perhaps very prayerful swim across Inya Lake, to eventual reunion with his family in Missouri.
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