I had my grandchildren Saturday and Sunday and I was running my legs off, cooking and chasing after kids, so I didn’t have time to post anything about conference. We cleaned up the basement Saturday afternoon—those kids have more toys at my house than at their own—and Max cooked Shepherd’s Pie for dinner.

Sunday, I got them up early and Bill made his wonderful pancakes and then I had them watch one hour of conference. I let them do jigsaw puzzles, but I still had them sit with us. I think that may be the first time they’ve watch conference, unless there were other times at our house. It was a good feeling. Later, I just turned on all the radios in the house and let them play video games or whatever they wanted in the family room. I was going for osmosis.

I missed the first little bit of Sunday afternoon conference due to a nap :), but when I turned the TV on, Elder Holland was speaking. It took a few minutes, but then I was blown away and realized I was hearing a talk for the ages. I was spellbound and converted to the gospel with the depth of his conviction and the undeniable truth of his statements.

He rocked the subject of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. Elder Holland frequently gets mixed reviews here in southern Utah, much like Jesus did in Nazareth. People say they knew him and didn’t like him much or his wife was stuck up when she was in high school (he’s from Enterprise, 50 miles from here). I’ve personally always loved his talks and enjoyed his wife as well. Which is saying a lot in my current frame of mind because mostly speaker annoy me and that tiny, stunted frail devil that Satan has working on me doesn’t have to work very hard, but I loved Elder Holland’s talk. Way to go.