j0439162Be nice to girls?

(double standard? You bet your sweet ***)

Yes, you should be nice to girls. You should always treat girls like ladies, even if they don’t act like ladies. Not as though applies to anybody here but me as far as the not acting like a lady part, of course.

A few posts back, Ardis made a snide comment, I’m without context, so I don’t remember if she and the person she directed her comments to had bickered. I don’t know the history of historian Ardis’ problem with him. Nor did I have context for the problem with Nick. She did indeed speak highly of Nick to me—I think I’d just done the interview with him.
DKL stuck up for the guys in the fight and it seemed like Ardis could pretty much hold her own. I mean, there is a point where if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen, but still…

                j0439072 j0439072

Guess what? I’m a bigot! Against men! In this type of case, anyway. I think men should always treat women like queens, even in an argument. You can disagree without being disagreeable and attacking the woman involved. It’s just not gentlemanly, it’s just not seemly when men attack a woman, even on a mostly-no-holds-barred-blog like ours.
It’s not manly, even.
And yes, I feel there is and should be, a double standard. To a degree. A woman should always act like a lady, but if she doesn’t, and a man responds in kind, the fault is in the man. Sorry, guys, I didn’t make this rule, or maybe I did, but it’s a good rule.                                                               

Think about it. Who comes off worse when a man gets in a cat fight with a woman? The man. Yup. A woman can get hysterical and unreasonable, but men, you just can’t. Sorry. That’s the law. I made it.    j0440406

Now, I can’t remember the person, or even the post, but I remember sort of egging this guy on who was mad at me for something and you know, it gets boring, so I start arguing and this guy got mad and didn’t like me and I kept at it, like a really annoying bratty kid. He didn’t misbehave. He didn’t attack me or call me names or insult my dignity. He didn’t like me much, which stung, although I guess not very much, since I can’t even remember who it was, although it probably did sting a lot, but I’m old now and I can’t remember who I’m mad at—-did I tell you guys about me and Bill going out to dinner a couple of months ago and I kept looking daggers at this guy, who I couldn’t remember who he was? He was looking daggers at me, too, and I knew I didn’t like him and I was thinking “You want a piece of me?” It took me an hour to remember he was an orthopedic surgeon I despised and had complained about when he operated on my uncle, my friend, and my daughter-in-law’s sister. Long story                                                                                               j0438804

And I jacked my own thread again. Where was I? Oh, yeah, that guy who was mad at me did it right. If you have a beef with a woman on the blog, you have to be a gentleman about it. You just have to. You can’t call a woman a shitbag; or any other name, but you can call each other that and a woman can call you that. Woman shouldn’t call each other names, ever, but they can get mad and snotty with each other in a way that a man can’t. It’s just a law.
So, I defended Ardis, whose posts and comments do rock, even though she owes me money and if you think I’ll ever forget it, Ardis, you don’t know me, I will hunt down my child for $1.57 ; because I turn into a Mama bear when men treat women like crap. I’m sorry, I guess I got it from defending my mom—and despising my mom because she wouldn’t defend herself—but I know I decided as a freckled skinny little girl that I would stand up against mean men.


Now, some shitbag tried to post something derogatorily stupid about a co-blogger who is a woman. Double Whammy. Because fellow bloggers are family. It was deleted, of course, but you men have got to realize that you just need to be nicer to us girls than we are to you sometimes. It’s just a rule of society. Because women are hearts and flowers and rainbows and soft and sweet and pretty things. And men are just…well, not. And the quicker you realize it, the easier your life will be                              .j0444998

You guys are all practically geniuses. You can come up with a gentlemanly classy way of expressing your disdain and disagreement without pulling pigtails.

“Girls are made of sugar and spice ” and all that…..
**Opinions solely held by poster and do not reflect consensus of Mormon Mentality bloggers, although they may, but since they were not consulted about the contents of this post, they may possibly violently disagree. Also, no animals, flowers, butterflies or children were harmed in setting up this post. But I did channel my inner Seriously So Blessed. As far as color goes.