In Part 1, we made the decision to move. Once we knew we were moving, we had a month to find a rental property that was furnished. We looked at some nasty spots and went into one house and said yes and signed a lease on the spot. It looked nice enough – everything had been redone (or so we thought). We have been in the place for a month and here is a short list of things that have broken – it is a bit of a money pit (at least for the landlords):

1. Kitchen Sink leaks
2. Kitchen Faucet fell off
3. Master Bath Shower handle fell off
4. Dishwasher leaks
5. Heat in downstairs does not work
6. Multiple handles have fallen off windows when we open them
7. The house makes the strangest rattling and banging noises when the hot water/heat turn on
8. I opened the sliding door and the screen fell out

I think you get the point. At first, it was obnoxious, then it was comical. We are stuck here for three months and as long as the place does not collapse on us we will be fine. The owner sent her “handyman” over to fix the shower handle and the sink leak. He could not figure out how to install the handle so my Father-in-law, who was visiting, installed it. After that, we had no doubt where the “quality” came from. Anyway, lesson learned, but quite comical. Any other fun rental stories out there?