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I am the father of 5 boys under 9 and am a small business man. I have been active in the bloggernaccle since 2004.

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For many years I have been involved in the YM’s program both at the stake and ward level. The biggest lesson I have learned is that each individual YM is unique and the needs of each YM must be considered in running YM’s programs. For 2 years I was in the stake YM’s program. Often I was the lone voice of dissent as stake leaders attempted to roll out new ideas and programs. Often based on my extensive experience I felt that the programs and policies being rolled out would serve as a stumbling block to the retention of many YM.

Finally I was released after my bishop asked the SP for my assistance in sorting out an unruly teachers quorum. I entered the teachers quorum with an idea after being prompted by the spirit that I have used in the past. I would cater the program to the individual YM and not try and fit the YM into the program.

I feel its been a success. The parents are thrilled and the boys are all still active. Ward leadership is very supportive.

One of the great strengths in my view of the lay leadership in the LDS church is that all of us get a small portion of the vineyard to work. In this each member that accepts a calling gets invested in the vineyard and takes a measure of responsibility for its growth.