Here are mine:

1–When I was young, the Osmonds came to my city on tour and asked for a chorus of Primary kids to come on stage and sing back-up on a song or two. My sister was in that chorus (I was too young) but I went backstage and met the Osmonds.

2–Ken Jennings was in one of my BYU wards.

3–I am a cousin of the Frandsens. My sisters know CJane. Another sister knows Elna Baker. One of President Monson’s grandsons was in my MTC district. I met the Mormon girl from La Boheme. The woman who sang the “My Little Pony” song from the cartoon was in my ward. The Japanese version of Michael McLean was my ward mission leader for the 6 months I was in his area. Do all those added up make one brush?

OK, OK, my encounters with Mormon celebrity are really not that impressive (sorry Naomi). In fact, my brushes with non-Mormon celebrity are actually much more fun. I think we just don’t have enough Mormon celebrities.

Who do you consider a Mormon celebrity? What brushes with fame have you had?