One thing that is important to us as we have moved is the need for a “good” ward. I am not sure what that means exactly, but there were a few criteria that were important to us? Large Primary, Strong Youth Program, Minimal Students, etc. There are two wards in our new area. We have attended both as we are looking for homes in both areas. We have finally settled on the ward which covers the boundaries of our rental house. The ward meets most of our criteria, but I think what really closed the deal was our first week attending the new ward.

The first ward was much larger, had more youth and more Primary. However, when we visited, not a soul came up to us and we had to be assertive to meet people. In the second ward (one we now attend), which is smaller was different. As soon as we arrived for Sacrament Meeting, people were introducing themselves and making us feel welcome. Perhaps the smaller ward was “hungrier” for new people while the larger ward was not. Who knows. Anyway, the smaller ward felt “homier” to us and so we will likely live in that wards boundaries. What are important criteria when you “shop” for a ward?