Lots of parents and as a consequence some PH leaders are frustrated by families arriving late for church. My family has its own issues but one of them is not being late for church. Our Church starts at 8:30 and we have 5 boys ranging from 9 to 11 months. Here is our strategy.

1. Saturday night. All clothes are laid out. Socks, shoes, outfits etc. Everything is laid out at the foot of the kids beds. Baths are also done on Saturday night. Church bags including diaper bags are also packed on Saturday night and are ready to go. Breakfast bowls, spoons, cereal etc are already on the kitchen table.

2. Sunday AM. The key here is getting up early enough to leave on time. We have to leave by 8:22 to be on time. So we get up at 6:45. I shower and change clothes and then run upstairs and find the kids getting dressed. The kids know that when they wake-up on Sunday its time to go. I am often greeted at the top of the stairs by kids all dressed. Then we brush teeth and comb hair and go downstairs for breakfast. Then we load the mini-van up and get to church.

What strategies do you use to get to church on time?