What is your favorite Halloween memory when you were still able to Trick or Treat? Mine was my last year of Trick or Treating – I was in Sixth Grade – 11 years old. Ok, maybe a bit old, but we had so much fun. I went with two of my best friends at the time. We started at 4 or so and went until 8 at night. We filled two pillow cases with Candy – it was an amazing haul. We must have visited hundreds of houses – just running in between houses to get to the next one. You would have thought we were collecting gold given our zeal. Our course, every year with my own kids is my favorite. I love watching their enthusiasm. Last night, our 17 month old loved to go to each door and get her candy. It was so much fun to watch. So overall, what a wonderful and strange holiday even if one could get shot if you dressed up and knocked on perfect strangers doors and asked for candy any other night of the year!