Mom, who is the tallest person?

My daughters’ tone indicates that she is not seeking an answer this time, but testing me to see if I know the answer.

Trying to figure out the parameters of the question, I ask:

In the car?


In the family?

No. Who is the tallest person outside?

(Looking around but not seeing any pedestrians) I don’t know, hon. I don’t see anyone. Who is the tallest person?


Where did you learn that?

I didn’t learn it, I just knowed it. God is the tallest person!

I have no thought that my daughter was having a peek-behind-the-veil experience, but I am interested in her assertion. I will probably never know why she believes God to be tall, but I do kind of wonder if she is right. If we believe God to have a “perfect” body, do we expect Him to be tall? And if so, how tall? What is the perfect height? Will people’s testimonies be shaken to meet a short God?

What ideas do you have about God?

I question the facial hair, although if His body is perfect, I suspect that He doesn’t have to shave.