The regular Gospel Doctrine teacher totally outed my friend on Sunday. My friend is the regular substitute teacher for that class and, by all appearances, totally orthodox and more of a sitting down than a rocking the boat kind of sister. Apparently, though, when she and the GD teacher had discussed substituting for next week, my friend had expressed reservations at teaching some topics that might be coming up at this time of the year in the Doctrine and Covenants curriculum. When the teacher announced the topic for next week’s lesson, she turned to my friend and asked: is that OK? and then explained to all of us that Sister Friend had some topics she wouldn’t teach.

Of course, I was sure that would make my friend cringe, but it made me laugh and later when I saw my friend in choir practice, I told her I was just dying to know what topics she DIDN”T WANT to teach and rattled off the topics on my list. OK, I only have one, but I wanted to let her know that I understood. I am personal guessing we all have a topic here and there we would rather not teach.

My friend didn’t want to teach a lesson on marriage or chastity. The one topic on my list is polygamy. I have another friend who dodges all honoring parents kinds of lessons. Is there any topic on your list of lessons to avoid?