Recently, I heard my two-year-old belting out a song while in the bath. This is not too noteworthy, really, but it wasn’t the “A,B,C Song,” “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” or even “Wild Thing.” No, he splashed along as his cute little soprano sang:

Swing low,
Sweet Cheerios!
Coming for to carry me home.
Swi-ing low,
Sweet Cheerios,
Coming for to carry me home!

I interrupted his transition into the verse to ask: Where did you learn that song?

Peter gave me a blank look; I am pretty sure he believes he was born with certain songs in his soul. His sister, though, piped up from downstairs: We learned it at that weird church we went to.

She is talking about our semi-annual General Conference weekend visit to another local church, not the local ward. The kids were in the children’s’ class for literally 40 minutes 2 months ago; not only did they teach my 2-year-old a song in that period, but he still remembers it (even if incorrectly) 2 months later with no reinforcement. I find that pretty amazing.

Wouldn’t Primary Choristers everywhere do back flips if they could have kids retain songs that well? Do you suppose the Church that Rocks owes their success to superior pedagogy or a superior catalog of songs?