I am lucky enough to be the go-to substitute in my ward. In the last three weeks, I have substitute taught in Primary, Young Women’s, and Nursery. Next week it is the Relief Society’s turn to hear from me, and I can only hope some Sunday School teacher falls ill the week after. I think there are two major reasons I am such an attractive (if I do say so myself) substitute: 1–I have a stake calling and therefore am free for ward gigs most weeks, and 2–I never say “no.” Well, I do say no to some things, but I like teaching, so I don’t say no to that; it is not that I think I am a great teacher, it is that I like the forced preparation because, frankly, I am the kind of slacker congregant who does not read the lesson.

So, next week I am teaching the first lesson from the new Gospel Principles manual, OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN. In my dreams, I can set a precedent for teaching from this book in such a way that does not include reading long quotes from it, asking only the questions included in the lesson, and (best yet) using only information included in the manual(!)–the Relief Society President specifically told me when she asked me to teach that I could include outside sources.

That said, I wonder what you would do if you were teaching this lesson. It needs a little beefing up to fill the whole time, but I respect the idea of studying principles, and to be honest, I think there are a good number of Relief Society attendants who could use some basics. I am wary, though of being TOO elementary, as I have heard some complaints from, you know, complaining kind of sisters, about how boring Relief Society lessons can be. The nursery lesson I taught yesterday covered much the same territory, and I am tempted to repeat it.

So, I am looking for some bright ideas to institute. Anyone?