Conversation in the Church hallway after picking my son up from nursery:

Me: How was nursery?
He: (enthusiastically) Great! One more meeting?
Me: (also enthusiastically) No.
He: Oh man!
Me: But now we can go home for lunch.
He: I want one more meeting!


I think there are some traits, skills, and tolerances that lend themselves particularly well to specific Church callings. I, for example, can make a kick-ass flier and am thus particularly well-suited for the position of secretary of any organization that throws a lot of events. Someone able to approach old topics from a new perspective may thrive as a teacher. Steady attenders who are not particularly outgoing often seem to spend years as clerks. And my son, for whom 3 hours of Church is not enough, clearly needs a high-meeting kind of calling like Bishop.

What makes you perfect for your favorite calling? Do you have any particular traits that make specific callings especially challenging?