Imagine your Relief Society President was your Bishop. How do you think she would fare?

Ignore the gender thing: what attributes and abilities could your Relief Society President bring to the office of Bishop that might work really well? Do you suppose it could be disastrous?

When I think of my current Bishop and Relief Society President, I think they could both be pretty good Bishops. They are both, by and large, fantastic people with many many characteristics that are well-suited to the duties of a Bishop. I personally think they have a few flaws, maybe a blind-spot here and there, but that just makes them human, doesn’t it?

In my Church experience, I have had a few clunkers of Bishops and that probably holds true for Relief Society Presidents, too, although as a child, I was not always aware of who held that position, so I have opinions of fewer of them. I have had some exemplary Relief Society Presidents, though, who I was sorry did not have more influence over the tone or direction of the ward.

Anyway, I wondered if my experience has been typical. Would your Relief Society President make an adequate Bishop?