I never watched Fox News before the Bush/Gore debacle. I didn’t have an allegiance to either party. Yada-yada-yada. I know many of you have heard the story of my conversion and how I could have gone with Gore or Bush and how disappointed I was in Gore.

I watched Fox religiously during that period because they echoed my chagrin with the process and what I believe was a completely undignified and unpatriotic response to the election results. (I also came to believe that Florida is basically crazy, across the board). If the election had gone the other way and Bush had behaved like Gore, I’d have reached the same conclusion. (I think Nixon did some great things in his career and conceding to Kennedy was one of them).

But then I got sick of the strident and harsh tone of the Fox News guys and I started clicking back and forth, trying to get a balanced picture of what’s going on our country (fair and balanced, they are so NOT—but nobody else is, either).

I’m back with Fox these days. Here’s why: someone known to me, who’s married, but didn’t work last year is getting back $10,000 in taxes!!!! While Bill and I are going to have to pay about $2000. Oh, wait, did I say getting BACK? That’s not quite correct. They’re not getting back anything. They’re getting a huge BONUS from the government for having kids and not working!!! Their spouse worked and payed some taxes, but nowhere near $10,000.

So I’m mad. And I’m mad at the president, the congress, the supreme court, the Peace Corps, the State Dept., my local dogcatcher & mayor.

And I am having a tea party and I am back watching Fox.